Sports Timing Solutions offers a 360 degree solution for Running & Cycling events

 We not only specialise in providing live timing solutions for Running & Cycling events but also offer various other solutions like:

  • Race planning
  • Accurate route measurement
  • Overall race management
  • Renting of other race essentials (race clock, merchandise, start-finish gantry, barricading etc.
  • We are always working towards providing innovative solutions to enhance the event scale and runner experience

Our objective is to time participants accurately with the latest cutting edge RFID (Radio frequency identification) technology. To provide seamless race experience to all runners thereby helping organisers to set higher race standards


Our technology is built to deliver accuracy along with easy deployment. The side mounted antennas are quick to install and ideal for running, cycling & obstacle events – which enable swift wrapping up post event
Our controllers make sure your course is covered. In any race event, our controllers provide the foundation for an accurate trusted timing. Our equipment is placed along the course with high functioning RFID antennas which pass the information to the controlling software. The results are then processed and uploaded online for organisers and participants.

It is a perfect option for organisers of events of any size, who are looking for an accurate & cost effective solution for their events. The B-Tag is the future of timing as well as a throwback to the simpler days of racing when a Bib number was the only means of tracking. The B-Tag is a thin paper strip that is stuck to the back of the runners bib. The ease of use for participants and event staff allows for a great race experience by eliminating the tedious procedure of applying a chip to the shoe and also reducing the margin of error in the application process.

Here are some of the benefits of using B-Tag:

 Simple for athletes to use
 No post-race collection
 Simple for race directors and event staff to distribute at packet pickup
 No fees for lost tags or unreturned tags
 Eliminates chip file by matching tag numbers to bib numbers
 Reduces potential for human error